Daily Archives: March 6, 2016

Weekend Vibes



I know everyone looks forward to the weekends but I don’t think I fully appreciated them until recently. There is nothing I look forward to more than spending the majority of Saturday in bed {no shame} shopping and watching Netflix. Lately I have been catching up on Gossip Girl and shopping for the perfect work to happy hour outfits! One of the hardest things about not living in the city is having plans Friday night and trying to find an outfit that is both work appropriate and happy hour friendly!

Gone are the Friday Nights out in sky high heels and mini skirts {don’t know how I survived the cold dressing like that}. The good news is chances are you are not the only person coming right from work so no need to feel out of place. I usually switch out my commuting go tos like my heavy jacket and tote for lighter options like this and this. A LBD or a simple top and skinny dress pants are easy work appropriate options and can be dressed up with fun jewelry.

Now shoes…this has been the biggest struggle for me. I have realized that if and when I do move to the city my obsessive shoe collection is not going to fit in the most likely micro apartment I will choose to live it. That being said that is at least year away and I love shoes so I keep buying them… Finding shoes that are cute and don’t kill my feet while commuting has been my biggest struggle. I have been opting for my OTK boots or simple black booties.

**side note**I know to everyone in the blogging world it is already spring and they’re blogging about spring clothes and cute wedges but lets be real I live in New York its still 30 degrees so booties & sweaters it is.

any who…my weekend consists of cocktails on Fridays, bed on Saturday and I am totally okay with that!