Black & White







JEANS | SWEATER | BAG | SLIP ONS old but love these  | SUNNIES 

It is finally warming up here in New York and I could not be happier!! Last weekend my girlfriend and I decided to try out a new donut shop that opened up near us. The donuts were so good, you had a choice between their creations or you were able to create your own {how cool is that!!}. Creating our own seemed a little overwhelming so we decided to try three of theirs and split them…we were not disappointed.


This look is the perfect weekend around town outfit! I  was so happy the I was break out my slip ons and this sweater is so comfortable  but what I need to talk to you about are my jeans. I hate shopping for jeans because I’m very picky with how I like them to fit but these are perfect and they are so comfortable. I will admit I was not the first one to hop on the black jean tread when I was in high school but I truly believe that they are a closet stable!

I have started to feel that I wear some combination of black and white almost every day so my fashion goal for the spring is to add more color into my daily wardrobe!


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