Weekend Vibes



I know everyone looks forward to the weekends but I don’t think I fully appreciated them until recently. There is nothing I look forward to more than spending the majority of Saturday in bed {no shame} shopping and watching Netflix. Lately I have been catching up on Gossip Girl and shopping for the perfect work to happy hour outfits! One of the hardest things about not living in the city is having plans Friday night and trying to find an outfit that is both work appropriate and happy hour friendly!

Gone are the Friday Nights out in sky high heels and mini skirts {don’t know how I survived the cold dressing like that}. The good news is chances are you are not the only person coming right from work so no need to feel out of place. I usually switch out my commuting go tos like my heavy jacket and tote for lighter options like this and this. A LBD or a simple top and skinny dress pants are easy work appropriate options and can be dressed up with fun jewelry.

Now shoes…this has been the biggest struggle for me. I have realized that if and when I do move to the city my obsessive shoe collection is not going to fit in the most likely micro apartment I will choose to live it. That being said that is at least year away and I love shoes so I keep buying them… Finding shoes that are cute and don’t kill my feet while commuting has been my biggest struggle. I have been opting for my OTK boots or simple black booties.

**side note**I know to everyone in the blogging world it is already spring and they’re blogging about spring clothes and cute wedges but lets be real I live in New York its still 30 degrees so booties & sweaters it is.

any who…my weekend consists of cocktails on Fridays, bed on Saturday and I am totally okay with that!






Did someone say snow?

Well Jonas has passed through and left a beautiful mess in his wake. If you’re wondering who Jonas is well…he would be a storm that dumped an insane amount of snow up and down the east coast.  Yesterday was spent snowed in sipping wine and watching as much Netflix as possible {it was pretty amazing not going to lie} The blizzard like conditions have finally passed so we decided to venture out and explore the beautiful winter wonderland!










Now that I am commuting into the city everyday I wanted to get a really good pair of snow boots for the season and boy did I buy them right in time. After doing some serious research I decided on the Sorel Winter Carnival boots and am seriously obsessed.They were so warm on our little adventure and are super comfortable!

I’ll be cuddled up watching Netflix for the rest of the day…does it really need to be Monday tomorrow?

Peace Out 2015


Does anyone else feel like as you get older the years just start flying by? I want to go back to when I felt like Christmas was never going to get here. This year has flown by and has come with so many changes in my life ( good and bad).  The holiday season as I’m sure it was for a lot of you was crazy and I wasn’t able to post as much as I wanted. But now its new years eve and I decide to sum up my year and share some goal…{i might begin to ramble so I apologize in advance}

I first want to say I am so thankful for having Life After Letters as my creative outlet and having people who follow along. It has been just over a year since I decided to start blogging and it truly has given me the opportunity to refocus and find what I enjoy doing. It has helped shape my career path and I am exploring opportunities I never though possible because of it!

Now for some past goals…

I accomplished a little over half my holiday bucket list this year but again back to the time it just flys bye! One of my favorite things I crossed off was brunching in the city and seeing the windows with my sister and mom! Its was nice to just spend the day roaming the city and sipping mimosas.






I also set the personal goal of posting more regularly and at that didn’t always go as planned but its still a work in progress and hopefully its something I can finally do in 2016.

Goals for the new year….

I have mentioned it here and there but I am still job hunting after making the decision to leave a job that just wasn’t making me happy. I have some great opportunities in front of me and I would love to have it all figured out by the end of January. A new year and a new job I think goes very nicely together.

Travel more! I want to get out and see more…this is a big goal I have for the new year and I was to be spontaneous about it. I have something excited planned for the first week of the new year and I cannot wait to share where I’m off to!

Spend more time with the ones I love! This year taught me that life is short and tomorrow is never promised. Working long hours and being driven is great but if you come home every night and everyone is already asleep and you’re leaving for work before anyone is awake is it really worth it?

Well this is getting a bit long but 2015 was a great year and I learned a lot!I hope everyone can raise there glasses tonight surrounded by the ones they love and toast to happy and health new year!

Happy New Year! Cheers!

Holiday Bucket List

holiday bucket list

I cannot believe it is December all ready! I know a lot of people like to get their decorations up right after Thanksgiving but my family likes to wait a week or two so we spent the weekend getting the house holiday ready. I love getting to decorate for the holidays even if it hasn’t been feeling much like December around here, I’m talking 50 degrees on Long Island its been amazing!

Anyway, I feel like every year I make a mental list of Holiday things I want to do but I end up forgetting half of them and putting the other half off because I get too busy…well not this year! I’m sharing my bucket list with you all for two reasons…one to hold myself accountable so I’ll actually remember to do them and two to give you some ideas of things to do with family and friends!

I would love to hear what’s on your holiday bucket list and if you have any suggestions on things I should keep in mind for next years list! I know it’s Monday Friends but its also only 18 more days until Christmas…just remember ” the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!”