For the Girl on the Go

Girl on the Go
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I feel like I am finally getting settled in at home after my trip to Florida and the holiday. We flew home Thanksgiving morning and got right to cooking…it was a bit crazy to say the least. Coming off the trip I though I would put together somethings that are a must I think for any girl on the go and a few things I wish I had had for my trip!

Does anyone else feel like the black friday and cyber monday deals weren’t as good as previous year? I ventured out to the stores last year but I decided this year that my bed was going to be the best place to shop from. With the overwhelming amount of sale round ups that were out I was able to have a pretty good plan in place and was able to score some great pieces and gifts. Now to just wait for the mail man to deliver all the goodies! {Am I the only one who hates this part of online shopping?}