What this was always meant to be


This was always meant to be a diary for me on the adventure of post grad life, rollercoaster is probably a more fitting term, but life happened and things got busy and this fell into the not right now pile. There was this feeling of having to make it perfect, insta worthy. I have learned in the past three years that life isn’t insta worthy all the time so it is time to stop making up excuses and instead just write about what is actually going on in my life. I have tried and tried to do this so many times but the pressure of perfection has alway won. I have changed jobs and moved into my own place in the greatest city in the world. You would think I would be content with where I am but something has been missing…its always been missing. A passion and a purpose, these are quite possibly the two hardest things to find in life. I am on a mission to figure these things out and get rid of distractions. I am on a bit of a “life cleanse” and cutting out random things if you ask some but I feel like this is going to get me to where I need to be. So for now its no meat, no alcohol, no snap and no dating apps. Well see how the month goes and if any of this helps me feel a bit better and like I’m contributing something meaning full to this planet. I’m furiously typing this before I head off to work but I felt if I didn’t get this down now and make an effort it would once again just simply fall into the not right now pile.

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